Tristan and I took a Sunday drive this past weekend and happened to pass a softball field. A pretty expected sighting, given we were driving through a suburb. But something about this particular field struck a chord with me.

As soon as I saw them I felt aches of disappointment and dread in the pit of my stomach. The “dugouts” had no fence, no barricade—nothing but a lone bench per team.

Which means we can’t put up a tarp.

The thought popped into my head immediately, proving that muscle memory applies to the brain as much as it does to body and limbs.  Driving in an air-conditioned, sheltered car, I didn’t need a tarp; but, teenage Kristy—the one who spent her summer weekends at softball tournaments, baking in the hot hot sun—did.  And damn’t she knew there was no way to hang a sun-blocking tarp on a dugout without a fence.

It’s such as small memory—softball parents hanging up a tarp to help the players cool off in between innings. Even smaller memories are the times we’d run into fenceless dugouts, which left us no choice but to withstand the sun (what a shame).

Somehow, this one innocuous sighting made all those memories come rushing back. And I love when that happens. It’s a strange, surreal feeling when something you haven’t thought about in years grabs you and takes you to a very specific point in your life….and it’s weird because it’s not something you can try to do, and it can’t be forced. Trust me, I’ve been trying for the past 10 minutes to come up with another example of when this has happened.

It just proves that our brains are capable of holding so much information—but you need the right key to unlock it.

Can I quit my job yet?

I’ve been playing housewife/domestic goddess a lot lately, including tonight wherein I cooked T-bag a delicious (if I do say so myself) dinner of grilled chicken + zuchetti. What’s zuchetti, you ask? It’s just zucchini sliced into noodley form, with help from this nifty gadget, which we purchased at CVS for like $7. 10/10 would buy again. A+++.


Aside from cooking and cleaning etc., I (Tristan too) have also been a bit of the gym rat lately (see the obligatory #gymselfie below for proof). I haven’t been doing anything specific…more just goofing around on the treadmill, trying out different weight-lifting thangs, practicing my pull-ups, and so on. I’ve also really taken a liking to rowing a la Frank Underwood. 

Today, I went in with a little more structure in mind — biceps, triceps, chest and cardio, to be exact — and I stuck the plan more or less.  Now let’s see how go my memory is.  I think I did this:

  • Superset: Incline dumbbell chest press w/ chest flys. 15 pounds; 3×8 (each) Holy crap. So hard.
  • Superset: Alternating dumbbell curls (bro) with tricep overhead extensions. 15 pounds; 3×12 (each)
  • Bent over dumbbell row. 15 pounds 3×12
  • Cable concentration curls. 20 pounds 2×12; 1×10 (each arm)
  • Push ups (3×8)
  • Hill intervals for 20 minutes. I’m getting over a cold, so this was surprisingly difficult for me. 

And now for that (headless) selfie I promised. Let it be know, that this was taken next to a girl who was also taking selfies. What is wrong with all of us?

IMG_1414.JPGThat ’tis all. Nighty night.



Woof it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I think I conveniently lost interest in this blog when I lost interest in committing to my August challenge. Oh well, so is life.

Speaking of life, my life is busy lately, both at work and at home. The work stuff is boring (and horrible), so I’ll skip straight to the life stuff, I guess. In the past few weeks, I’ve gone to the Dells with Tristan’s family (and Tristan, of course), picked up my wedding dress (err, my parents did), thought a lot about Big Brother and Julie Chen, fell into the “every Simpsons ever” marathon on FXX, hit up a housewarming party (and wowed everyone — if I do say so myself — with a homemade eclair cake), and celebrated a handful of birthdays with delicious food, good people, and a room full of trampolines. Oh! And Tristan got a membership to LA Fitness, so we’ve been gym rats together for the past two weeks. Hooray!

September looks just as busy with an engagement (shhhh!), a wedding, and a trip to Boston. I’m going to try try try to post a little more often, but who knows if that’ll actually happen. I’m just so exhausted after work — and too busy during work — to even think about writing anything. Maybe I’ll just start posting pictures or something.



Weekend Recap

I can sum up this weekend in four words: I said yes to the dress!

Okay, now that the cheese has been put away, let me just say this–I love the dress. I tried it on last weekend and really liked it, but still decided to try on a few more just to be safe. I’m glad I did because a) going to a boutique let me have the full “Say Yes to the Dress” experience (minus getting jacked up by Monte); and b) trying six or seven other dresses makes me feel completely and totally confident that the dress I picked is the one for me. It’s really strange because I did like some of the other dresses I tried on, but I just kept going back to the same one. It’s comfortable, it’s simple, it’s just exactly what I wanted..and I really really wish I could post a picture here, but for obvious reasons, that will have to wait.

So, moving on…this weekend was jam-packed with one-on-one Kristy vs Parents time. On Friday, I took the ol’ Metra home with my dad, saw Lucy (which was pretty disappointing), and stayed up past my bedtime to watch a special episode of Say Yes to the Dress, completely focused on a wedding at the Atlantis. And in an interesting turn of events, seeing the hotel on TV actually inspired me to change our venue from Paradise Beach to Ocean Overlook.  Essentially, we’ll still be on the beach, but now in a gazebo. A pinner on Pinterest said it best: “Beach wedding, hold the sand.”

Saturday consisted of brunch with my mom and dad, and then shuffling around to the different wedding shops with my mom and sister. We had an appointment at the boutique first, where I tried on five or six dresses, narrowed it down to two, and then headed over to David’s Bridal to try on “the chosen one” again. I liked it, but still wanted to compare it to one of the other dresses at the store. So, we went back to the boutique (this time with my dad in tow…apparently he showed up to David’s and walked into the dressing room like a mad man. Hysterical). I tried on a few more dresses, kind of sorted liked one of them a lot…but knew that the one at David’s was the one for me. Everyone agreed, so we headed back to David’s, I tried on the dress so my dad could see it, rang the I-found-my-dress bell (a tradition there, I guess), placed the order, and that was it. Woof. It was a long, exciting day and it left me absolutely pooped.

So, we capped off Saturday night with steaks and a bonfire…complete with s’mores. Which means my August challenge hit a slight hiatus, but whateverIdon’tcare. I’m back on it now. 

Sunday morning, we headed back toward the city (before Tristan completely freaked out. Absence makes his heart grow angry). Tristan and I hung around a bit, went to dinner with his uncle and sister, and then watched an EPIC episode of Big Brother. Oh god the drama. So much drama. 


August Challenge – Day 7 Recap

I took the afternoon off work yesterday with grand plans to go look at some more wedding dresses. That plan unfortunately fell through, but I did have a nice lunch with my sister instead and then enjoyed the rest of the day cleaning my apartment. For some reason, when I first was heading home from the loop, I couldn’t help but feel…I don’t know, lonely? It’s like I’m not used to having time by myself anymore, which is nice, but also weird.

In any case, food was good yesterday:

  • Apple for breakfast
  • Salad with chicken and fried goat cheese (kill me) for lunch
  • Burger with feta (no bun) and brussel sprouts for dinner
  • IMG_1344.JPG

  • A handful of cappuccino potato chips and a greek yogurt ice cream bar for dessert

That’s right, I said cappuccino potato chips. SO DISGUSTING. I don’t even know why I ate a handful…or why we bought them for that matter. But I digress.

Let’s see only four more hours until freedom sweet sweet weekend freedom. And then it’s tomorrow which means it’s time to go wedding dress shopping with my mom and seester. HOOORAY!

August Challenge – Days 5 and 6

Ooops, I missed posting yesterday. And ooops, I ate some carbs yesterday. Fish tacos, specifically. In my defense, I went out with a friend and we only ordered appetizers, so…yeah. I could have mentioned to her that I was ~watching my carbs~ but I didn’t feel like getting into a conversation about it, so I forced those delicious tacos down my throat.

So far, those tacos are my only “slip up” in this month-long challenge.  And today was much better….well, actually, it wasn’t all that great, considering I didn’t eat anything at all until around 7 p.m., thanks to being completely buried at work (sidenote: when did I become a person who uses phrases like “buried at work”? I hate myself). Lucky for me, my lovely fiance decided to cook a very very healthy dinner tonight: baked cod with a side of brussel sprouts, plus mango and peaches for dessert.

Well that’s all I got. I leave you with this:

August Challenge – Day 4 Recap

Another successful day in ye olde August challenge—though maybe not as much as I’d like. My eating was pretty on point:

Burrito bowl (no beans and rice) from Chipotle for lunch

And chicken sausage “cous cous” (aka cauliflower) made by me…

Plus grilled chicken with zucchini made by Tristan.

Not pictured: a banana for breakfast and Trader Joe’s coffee-flavored fudgicle thingy for dessert.

Now, I just gotta get this whole “exercise” thing going…

August Challenge – Day 3 Recap

Yesterday, I tracked everything I ate in MyFitnessPal, and it drove me absolutely insane, so I probably won’t do that again. In any case, here’s a nifty breakdown:

I had around 90 carbs total, mostly from fruit (four plums!), plus a quarter of a baked potato. If I were trying to get into ketosis, 90 would be too high, but I’m really just concentrating on not eating breads, pastas, rice, candy, etc and so far, so good on that front.

Now that I’m back at work, let’s see if I can keep away from the cupcakes and cookies that my officemates tend to bring in every day….

August Challenge – Day 2 (plus a wedding update!)

I stuck to my guns yesterday and made it through the second day of this 31-day challenge. Here’s what I ate (in no particular order):

  • 2 apples
  • String cheese
  • Grilled mahi mahi with green beans and 1/2 red potato
  • Banana “pancakes” (1 banana + 1 egg)
  • Steak fajitas (with guacamole, one or two bites of beans, a handful of tortilla chips womp womp) 

Please note, we also went to a movie, which means I completely abstained from popcorn/pretzel bites/Milk Duds/etc.  I am a champion.  Plus, I was out in Algonquin, so I of course went for a run with the mama and the papa. 3 miles in 31 minutes (not bad, considering I alternated 2 minutes running, 1 minute walking). Solid day overall.

In other, more exciting news, my mom and I talked a lot of wedding stuff this weekend and actually ended up going WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING. It was all completely unplanned and impromptu, but you know what? I think I may have actually found my dress. HOORAY! The second one I tried on fit like a glove, my mom liked it, the sales ladies liked it…now, we just gotta go back with my sister to get her take. I’ll definitely go try some others on before I make a final decision, but I’m 90% sure this is the one. And yes, I know “Say Yes to the Dress” teaches girls that you should only buy a dress that makes you and your entire posse cry when you put it on, but that’s just not gonna happen with me (or my mom and sister, for that matter). I’m perfectly comfortable buying a dress that I’m only originally 90% sure about. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I really really like it. 

As a sidenote, shopping for wedding dresses is actually pretty hard and somewhat embarrassing if you don’t know what you’re doing. Example: the sales woman walked in on me trying to awkwardly step into the dress feet first (which is apparently a no-no) and was all flustered by it saying, “I was going to help you. You have to go head first.” What? I’m not supposed to throw the dress on the ground and trample all over it? Also, apparently you have to wear a corset to try on dresses? There is no chance I’m wearing one at the actual wedding, lest I pass out at the altar.